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Your Most Trusted Advisors

You are incubating a great idea for a new business/eBook/web site. Or an exciting way to pivot your career. You need some help working thru the execution so you start having a million conversations, networking with all sorts of people recommended to you, reading every article in the field… all because you want to make well-informed decisions. No missteps leading you down a flawed path or costing you money. The only problem is this careful analysis is paralyzing. It burns up a lot of time and contributes to indecision.

What to do.

In this post, digital entrepreneur Rebekah Campbell of Posse, gives her advice on getting advice. Who to pay attention to, networking connections that really matter and how to not waste time with well-meaning people that don’t really get your business:

“I’ve learned a big difference exists between people who enjoy giving advice and those who really care about me and the business. There’s also a big difference between people who think they know how to build a company like ours and those who have actually done it.”

Her September 25, 2014 post here.

Ms. Campbell is also a regular contributor to the You’re the Boss column in the New York Times. This is where I go to find inspiration and empathy from other small business owners.

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