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TALENT BRIEF | July 29, 2020

Hello and welcome to TALENT BRIEF!

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I follow thought leaders, podcasts, and news stories in talent acquisition and management to bring you the best ideas, so you don’t have to slog through it yourself. I’ll tease out the key insights and link to the original articles so you can dive deeper if you want to. How easy is that?!


Here’s what we’re covering today:

  • Younger workers feel the most disconnected
  • Remote work is a top priority for jobseekers
  • Best practices for remote onboarding
  • Tips for engaging employees


Strain on Younger Workers

Gen-Z workers (born 1997-2012) that haven’t developed the long view or skills to navigate remote work are feeling overlooked and helpless.
“No Gen-Z workers have ever been employed during a recession, let alone a global pandemic, and it’s starting to affect their generally optimistic attitudes about careers and the future.” — Forbes
Why Gen-Z and Millenials are struggling to adjust — Forbes

“57% of Gen Z employees want to receive feedback several times a week – or more. This is the generation that grew up with constant “likes” on social media. —


Remote Here to Stay

We’ve discovered that many people have retrenched and don’t want to return to metro areas.

Google was the latest to announce plans to keep employees working remotely until July 2021. — The Wall Street Journal

“76% of workers would prefer to work from home at least part time once pandemic ends.” —


Remote Onboarding

Consequences of remote onboarding: “I’m trying to learn what I’m supposed to do as best I can. I miss shadowing my colleagues who have more experience.” — MITSloane Management Review

4 Tips for Successful Onboarding, including “performance metrics tailored for new hires can take on increased importance for managers who want to find early wins and get reassurance that new workers are adapting and doing well in their new roles.” — Fast Company


Employee Engagement

Leadership should turn to influential employees for help: “The Authentic Informal Leaders (AILs) in your company will understand and model the ways in which employees can remain socially connected while being physically distant.” strategy+business

“Have a goal, like greater attendance at virtual meetings? Define the critical few behaviors that will contribute to this goal.” — strategy+business


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Jen Selverian is the Founder & President of Nadexa Group, an executive search firm that has been connecting companies with top digital, healthcare, and social marketing talent for 10 years. She consults with clients to elevate their hiring process and candidate experience. To discuss hiring needs at your company, connect with her at
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