Tips for Employers Hiring in the Pandemic

UPDATE! I recently spoke about this with Marc Bautis on the Agent of Wealth podcast. You can listen to the episode here. My favorite coffee shop reopened this week, for to-go coffee and pastries only, but I took it as a promising sign. As the economy gets going again, it will hopefully lead to job […]

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💼 TALENT BRIEF | July 29, 2020 💼

Hello and welcome to TALENT BRIEF! This is a twice monthly e-newsletter with the latest headlines about recruiting and retaining top employees. I follow thought leaders, podcasts, and news stories in talent acquisition and management to bring you the best ideas, so you don’t have to slog through it yourself. I’ll tease out the key […]

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How Aggressively Should You Follow Up After an Interview?

The pandemic and economy have forced many people into the job market. The current unemployment rate is 13%, up from 3.5% pre-COVID. If you’re actively looking, you’re probably eager beat those odds and land something! At the same time, employers are facing many unknowns: whether to retain and retrain current employees signs of an economic […]

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