Management Lessons

The Importance of Seeing Each Other

Will social distancing cause the most socially distant employees to retreat even further? Let us start the work week with an antidote for loneliness. Why it’s important: A friend of mine that does post-production work for a NYC agency related that many of his colleagues hadn’t had physical with anyone for 3 weeks. In the […]

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Trailblazing with Laura Mortensen – How Sharp’s New President Built Their Social Practice From a Single Assignment

It’s 2011. You have the opportunity to lead strategy for one of the earliest brands to embrace social at their AOR. They are #alreadywinning, and it’s sure to be heady and high-profile. Or, you can roll the dice on a social media newbie and their privately-held, 25-person PR agency. Maybe they’ll be convinced that social […]

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The Cost of Living with a Bad Hire

I’m guilty of making a bad hiring decision and then not firing as quickly as I should have. How did this happen? After 15 years of recruiting, it was unnatural. Like a mother eating her young. But here was this problem employee, living in our house, as our au pair. For those unfamiliar with the program, […]

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Client Service: 2 Rules to Live By

I liked Jami Oetting’s Aug 24, 2015 article about the importance of regular client reviews. We need to routinely assess how our clients feel about us or risk losing them to a more empathetic or clever partner. Oetting provides a good framework of questions to ask, to tease out all the typical culprits from unmet needs to poor team […]

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