Management Lessons

Client Service: 2 Rules to Live By

I liked Jami Oetting’s Aug 24, 2015 article about the importance of regular client reviews. We need to routinely assess how our clients feel about us or risk losing them to a more empathetic or clever partner. Oetting provides a good framework of questions to ask, to tease out all the typical culprits from unmet needs to poor team […]

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Sorry to Drag You Into This

Ever since Jenifer Cameli found this note in a conference room, I’ve been trying to work it into a blog post. It wasn’t until this weekend that I found my muse.   It was the swim start at the Rev3 Quassy triathlon in Middlebury, CT. A breathtaking, quintessential New England town just 10 minutes from […]

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Consolidation Craze & Craziness: How to Communicate Effectively During a Merger

Imagine this: You manage a few people – or a lot of people – and your company recently announced a merger (or sale!). The emotions of your team range from anxious to dejected to outraged. They’re asking you what it’s all about and what the future holds, and you’re not entirely clear yourself.   Maybe […]

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