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7 Lessons from Lance

I wanted to borrow from this week’s headlines for a blog topic and business lessons to be learned from Harbaugh Bowl seemed like too much of a stretch. So, we’re going to talk about Lance.

I know, I’m tired of him too. He’s the lowest of the low and should be exiled to a private island (not the ritzy kind), where he can pedal his bike in circles without bothering anyone.

But CNN published a worthwhile article about what we can learn from Lance’s mistakes. It’s a story about the allure of winning the easy way, of resisting something and standing up for change when everyone else is doing it. Of having faith that deep-rooted integrity and honest effort will triumph in the end.

What can you and I take away from this and apply to our own careers?

What I like about this article is that it talks about the unforeseen and far-reaching consequences of bad behavior. In our day-to-day lives we probably won’t be banned from competition or asked to step down from the charity we founded – thank goodness! – but our choices can result in doors being closed off to us, opportunities forfeited, our reputation, work ethic or credibility being tarnished, even something as simple as not being to call in a favor because we did something sneaky, mean, hasty or cowardly.

It’s about humanity and connectedness. Of thinking about your actions in the context of team versus selfish, short-term gains. What comes around around goes around, right Lance?

Just something to think about as you’re pedaling in circles on your island.

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