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Why I Chose Recruiting

Sitting in a dark restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota, where the temperature was 25 below and deep-fried hard-boiled eggs (Scotch eggs!) were a delicacy, we played icebreaker games with our new clients. Four Truths and One Lie, then after more wine, the trick question: “If you could do anything [for work], what would it be?”

I thought about the great interviewers, journalists and authors that I revered: Katie Couric, Tim Ferriss, Cal Fussman. “I would like to interview people all day long, asking questions that revealed unknown things about them and tell their stories.”

The sucker punch to the If You Could Do Anything question, of course, is the smug “Well, why aren’t you doing it?” I considered this, chewing thoughtfully on my Scotch egg (not). I AM doing it. I do get to talk to smart people every day, ask them questions and learn from their experiences. Even better, they’re asking for my help! Help them find a job. Help them articulate and hire the right talent to grow their company. This was an amazing revelation. I’m already doing what I love as a recruiter, without having to be born again or go to journalism school. Happy day!

Of course, there are moments when recruiting seems less than heroic. This is, in fact, the enthusiasm I have for my job most days. And I hope I can help you feel the same way about the work you do.

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